Digitized Global Mobilities

Seminar & Workshop

3-4 June, 2019
Utrecht University 

Digitization and the use of social media have dramatically changed most aspects of our everyday practices, perceptions and cause severe changes in human mobility (Innes, 2016, Gray, 2018). While the importance and effects of technological innovations in social science research has been increasingly recognized, the role of new technologies and how these shapes the security of people on the move is still limited in scope. This international event of UGlobe seeks to address questions on the digital features of forced mobility, how technology shapes the approaches of migrant’ security, particularly the unintended effects of digitization and social media use. This event aims to bring together multiple stakeholders: NGO representatives, social workers, media representatives, artists and academics. The first day of our event is a seminar with invited speakers from different disciplines. The second day is organized in workshops to facilitate interactive knowledge exchange and inclusion of visual material. For the workshop sessions we invited papers, films and art works that rethink issues of the ‘digital’ in the study of human mobility and security. 


Seminar speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Myria Georgiou, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Prof. Dr. Huub Dijstelbloem, University of Amsterdam 
  • Dr. Annalisa Pelizza, University of Twente
  • Dr. James Tangen, De Montfort University 
  • Prof. Dr. Katerina Linos, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Prof. Dr. Sandra Ponzanesi, Utrecht University 


  • Robert Glas: 2020 
  • Aurora Peters and Erwin van ’t Hof: Dancing on a Razor's Edge


  • Global Mobility Representations & Decision-Making Processes in Migration Practices
  • Mobility Control, Security and Surveillance
  • Aiding and Abetting: The Use of Technology in the Migration Journey
  • The role of Media in Community Building and Integration of Migrants
  • Securitized Gender Identities Across the Borders
  • Processing Migration: Data Sharing, Accountability and Trust
  • Security Narratives and Decision-Making Practices in Asylum Trajectories
  • Digilantism, Social Media & Online Nationalis

Preliminary program

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